Demo Day & Tech Expo

  • Come see the Cisco Network On Wheels vehicle at NCTC  Demo Day & Tech Expo on September 18th.
  • TORC Technologies will display their military Humvee that's outfitted for autonomous navigation capability, designed to remove soldiers from harms way!
  • Virtual IT will lead a breakout session called "The Business Case for SharePoint". Microsoft's Portal Platform is revolutionizing the way businesses collaborate, automate, and communicate with their employees, customers, and partners. The discussion will cover: What is SharePoint, What it will do, Why companies are using it, and How it can transform your business.
  • Join "The Great Retweet #NCTCDemoDay Promotion" - help spread the word about Demo Day & Tech Expo and help shine the spotlight on the NewVa technology community. You can win tickets to Virginia Tech vs. Nebraska, a FREE booth at Demo Day, a FREE weekend stay at the Hotel Roanoke, or $100 cash! 
  • Cynda Johnson, M.D., M.B.A., Founding Dean of the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine will help us kick off this year's event. She'll provide an update and virtual tour and discuss collaborative opportunities between the school and the NCTC membership.  

In collaboration with The City of Roanoke, Virginia Tech, and Carilion Clinic,
the NewVa Corridor Technology Council is pleased to present 

Demo Day & Tech Expo

Friday, September 18th, 2009 2-5pm
Roanoke Civic Center
This event is a “show and tell” for tech companies in the NewVa region. Think of it as a science
fair for regional innovation and cooperation. Being knowledgeable about who's here, what they
do, and how we can help each other makes us all stronger, both individually and as a community.
We can work smarter together and the NCTC is the backbone that ties us together.
Mary Miller
NCTC President
What is the NCTC Demo Day & Tech Expo?
It’s an afternoon of networking with local leaders in technology and business. Unlike other tradeshows, the main purpose of this event is not about finding customers, but about getting to know the technology firms and innovators in our region. From this networking and info exchange, we hope to foster productive relationships, collaborations, information exchange, and ultimately a stronger regional technology community.

Work smarter and expand your network!
The purpose of the NCTC is to build a strong technology community in the NewVa region. One way we do that is to help strengthen those small entrepreneurial technology companies that make up more than half of the NCTC membership. Ask yourself if the other 200+ members of the NCTC know what you do, how they could work with you, what your capabilities are, or how they could help you move your business forward? Come ready to network, ready to share, and ready to learn!
Who will be there?
We’ve invited technology and business leaders from NCTC member companies and the media, but we’d like your help to shine the spotlight on our region at this event. After all, the biggest value of the NCTC community is the NCTC community itself! Help us introduce others to our budding technology community here and invite appropriate people in your circle to the Demo Day & Tech Expo. Think of it as a “friends and family” approach, but instead of friends and family, consider inviting:
  • Large Company Representatives interested in technology transfer, new products, or collaboration with NCTC member companies 
  • Investors - Angels, VC’s, and others looking for investment opportunities  
  • Engineers and Knowledge Workers - Know someone who’d like to move (back) to the area? There’s opportunity for those with the right skillset! (Visit for info about the kinds of jobs available.) 
  • Colleagues from Washington, Richmond, Charlotte and other nearby areas. 
Here's an IDEA! Make a weekend of it. VT football plays at home Saturday, the 19th. 
  • Industry Media - Let’s leverage our collective network! Invite your industry contacts to Tech Expo and introduce them to Hoke Nation at the Virginia Tech game on Saturday.
  • Alumni - We have great schools. Where have the alumni gone and can we reconnect them with our region?!  
  • Elected representatives - We’ll be reaching out, but elected officials like to hear from their constituents! 
  • Inventors, Researchers, and Aspiring Entrepreneurs - Fresh ideas, collaboration, and the entrepreneurial spirit. 
  • Students interested in technology careers can see what’s happening in their backyard 


Exhibitor Registration
NCTC Members are invited to exhibit at Demo Day & Tech Expo. You'll get a 10'x10' space with a table and two chairs. If you have an display and don't need the table, that's fine too. If you need electrical power at your booth, it's an extra $50. As an exhibitor, you can bring as many company representatives as you like. In fact, we encourage it. Register additional attendees.  

NOTE: If you are not currently a member of the NCTC, visit our member benefits page to learn more or complete our online application. Non members are invited to attend Demo Day & Tech Expo, but only members may register to exhibit.
Attendee Registration
Attendance is FREE. You don't have to be a NCTC member to attend Demo Day & Tech Expo, but we would like you to register and let us know you're coming.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­  

This NCTC Event is Sponsored By:


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