The Roanoke - Blacksburg Technology Council


Who We Are

The RBTC is a non-profit, member-driven association of businesses and organizations in the greater Roanoke - Blacksburg region, working together to promote the growth of the region's technology sector. The RBTC has become the essential business resource for entrepreneurs and technology companies seeking to achieve greater success. Our membership ranges from the smallest, emerging technology firms to some of the largest employers in the region. The RBTC is building a technology community that is a catalyst for innovation, inspiration, success, and leadership within the Roanoke-Blacksburg region.

Our Mission

The RBTC exists to connect and unite the region’s technology community, grow opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurial development, and lead the way in the growth of a strong technology workforce.

Our Vision

Our vision is that Roanoke-Blacksburg region will be globally recognized as a place where technology-focused organizations thrive, innovation and technology-based entrepreneurship is championed, and the abundance of strong technical talent is unrivaled.

Strategic Objectives

  • Deliver programs and services that promote the recognition of and provide substantial value to our members
  • Promote the development, growth, and recognition of the region’s technology community
  • Provide opportunities in which technology-focused organizations can exchange ideas and information, and capitalize on business opportunities
  • Participate in activities that drive visibility and awareness of the RBTC, its members, and the region
  • Serve as an advocate for the region on a broad range of technology issues at the local and state level
  • Provide assistance to our local government partners in the recruitment of new technology companies and the development of programs that enhance services to existing companies
  • Foster relationships with our Higher-Education partners that leads to new avenues for collaboration and the development of a healthy innovation ecosystem
  • Create an environment for sustainable K-12 programs that enhance Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Healthcare career choices
  • Facilitate the growth of services within the region that support technology-focused entrepreneurship, creating an environment that champions entrepreneurial success

Core Values

The RBTC works hard at building community for the region’s technology organizations through meaningful relationships. We are unifying the region through our programing and focus on developing a regional innovation ecosystem. The RBTC operates at the highest levels of integrity and we are honest, transparent, confidential, and supportive. We are dynamic and bring energy and excitement to everything we do. As thought-leaders we are never content with the status quo and are always looking towards the future. The RBTC strives to always add value in the greater work of building a strong region.

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