NewVa Blog Index

Want to know what's on the mind of the NCTC membership? Look no further. This is a partial (and ever changing) list of bloggers in the community.

  • Pat Matthews, CEO of Mailtrust, writes the Small Town, Big Ideas blog about business, leadership, entrepreneurship, and his experiences as an Internet executive in Southwest Virginia. 
  • Andrew Cohill, CEO of Design Nine, writes the Technology Futures blog about exploring the impact of broadband and technology on our lives, our businesses, and our communities.
  • Stuart Mease, with the City of Roanoke, writes the Connecting People blog and provides a bridge between young adults seeking professional and social opportunities in the Roanoke and New River Valleys of Virginia.
  • Jim Flowers, Director of VT Knowledgeworks, writes the Start with Moxie blog, which is intended to encourage critical thought that will reduce the risk in entrepreneurial adventure and increase the chances of identifying and obtaining what you really want.
  • Anne Giles Clelland writes the Inside VT Knowledgeworks blog. From her experience writing about technology in Southwest Virginia, she also launched Handshake 2.0, so other technology companies could get online exposure.
  • Henry Bass, CEO of Automation Creations, will be deployed to Iraq from August 2008 until November 2009 and will be documenting his experiences on his blog, Henry Bass' Adventures.
  • Jim Barney and the rest of the gang at Click & Pledge are contributors to A Better Way To Do Good, a blog about non-profits, technology, and the intersection of the two.
If you or someone you know is blogging about technology, business, entrepreneurism, or other issues pertinent to the future of Southwest Virginia, please let us know.